With so many great tools and resources out there to choose from I thought it may be helpful to my readers to have an idea of what I use for my personal study and growth.



New American Standard –  This is the study Bible I turn to when I want to really have the original language come through. If I am preparing for a lesson or sermon I find that the commentary is really solid and I find the text really rich. The text is in the formal setting which gives it that detail and exactness as I can.

New International Version – This is the study Bible that I use every day. I find that they hybrid of formal and functional works well for me in an every day setting. The language flows easily while still having some of that good translation that the formal translations have. The study notes in this version in particular are nice to enhance the text and provide context.


Study Software

Logos – When it comes to bible study software there is really only one name in town. Logos is the best and most expansive set of software options around. They have so many versions of their product that there is one that will work for you. I purchased one a few years ago while in seminary and have enjoyed the translation features and commentary.