Why Your Concordance Matters

A concordance is a list of words commonly used sorted in alphabetical order. The list of the words allows the reader to quickly reference the word in question and then go back to the original passage. A concordance can also have definitions of terms, and language of origin with translation. This gives the reader more information when they are reading the Scriptures.

best study bible concordance

Most study Bibles come with a concordance that allows people doing personal study or lesson preparation to access quickly the chapter and verse that may be in question. A concordance in a study Bible is one of many Bible tools that will help you in your personal study and help you navigate through different books of the Bible when you don’t have sections committed to memory.

It can also be said that that they are separate concordances available as an exhaustive guide compared to the concordance found in a study Bible. These guides not only list more words, terms and names found in the Scripture, they also can provide language of origin, definition of terms, and provide greater context surrounding the text. The most famous concordance is that of Dr. James Strong and his work Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, commonly called a Strong’s Concordance. There are several other printed versions and variations of exhaustive concordances, but in this modern day and age many are turning to software or online resources.

In closing, a concordance is an essential part of your personal study. It is one of many valuable bible study tools and resources and as such your study Bible should have a robust one. When picking out your study Bible be sure to make sure it has a concordance that you are comfortable with.

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