Holman Christian Standard Bible Study Bible Review

Here is a video I put together reviewing the Holman Christian Standard Bible. In it I go over the strengths and weaknesses of this translation. This particular version is published by Holman Press and is the 2014 edition. Additionally, this version is paperback version.


  • Over 50 Scholars contributing to translation and commentary
  • Excellent illustrations of maps, and pictures
  • Call outs to language definitions and
  • Blended translation format – both functional and formal


  • New to the market
  • Does not show words of Christ in red letter




Overall, I would highly recommend the Holman Christian Standard Bible, in particular the study Bible version that I have detailed above. I love the blended language that included both formal and functional translation. It makes the reading process a bit easier to navigate and allows the reader to take in more content and learn in a manner that is conducive. I also love the features that this version includes. They are really detailed and offer a lot to the reader which allows the individual to grow in their faith by learning in a manner that is accessible. In terms of value, you are able to get a lot out of the text in a version that I reviewed above. If you are in the market for a study Bible and do not currently have one that you are relying on than I would strongly recommend the Holman Christian Standard Bible for your personal study because of the many great features and smooth translation of the text.