Study Bible Chart

Picking a study Bible is an important decision. They can be costly so you want to get one that fits your needs as a reader of the Word of God. In picking one, be sure to see if there are some demo pages that you review at the publishers or vendors selling the Bible. Be sure to check out our Blog where we have done a few video reviews of some of the Bibles on this list. For example, we have a video on the NIV Study Bible that is informative. Seeing a video versions of the Bible in action can be meaningful as well. Selecting a Bible is an investment in yourself and something that can be used to help grow your faith in God.

Here is a interactive chart that will serve as a guide in picking the best study Bible for your own personal use. I have included several categories that will help you in your decision making process. In the chart you will find a sortable list of the translation, style in which it was translated (functional or formal), cost, and noteworthy features. Each Bible has a link that you can click on if you wish to learn more. There are several versions of each translation depending on the publisher that is selling the Bible. This list is meant to be meaningful and helpful but not exhaustive. In creating this list I have focused on English translations with a hard back or leather binding.

The cost break down is as follows: $– 1-20, $$ – 21-34, $$$ – 35-49, $$$$ – 50 and Higher


Translation TypeAbbreviationTranslation FormatNumber of AuthorsPriceNoteworthy Features
English Standard Version
ESVFormal93$$$$Access to online study material with purchase
King James Version
KJVFormal47$$1 year and 3 year reading plan
New Living Translation
NLTFunctional40$$$$Greek & Hebrew word studies
New International VersionNIVFormal-Functional2$$$$Character Studies
New American Standard
NASBFormal1$$$John MacArthur personal study notes
New King James Version
NKJVFormal?$$Nelson's Concordance
The Message
N/AFunctional1$$Eugene Peterson personal study notes
N/AMultipleN/A$$Allows four different translations to be read side by side – NiV, NKJV, NASB, Amplified
Holman Christian Standard Bible
HCSBFormal-Functional62$$$290 word studies from Greek and Hebrew